Hunt Fish Eat

Colorado #3 Trophy Ridge Outfitters LLC

February 07, 2021 Daniel Holder Season 1 Episode 22
Hunt Fish Eat
Colorado #3 Trophy Ridge Outfitters LLC
Show Notes

Tonight is my last night in Colorado. I sat down with my friends Lisa & Bruce Boroski. We were able to connect with a cow elk yesterday and spent the morning in the goose blind with the guys from Mile High Note Game Calls.

This trip was amazing and I can't say enough nice things about Trophy Ridge Outfitters LLC. Bruce and Lisa went above and beyond for Denton and I. We were just here to harvest a Cow Elk but they treated us amazingly. TRO's Tagline is "It's about the Experience". They mean it. We got to see 20+ Bulls before finding the heard and being able to connect with a cow.

The experience was second to none. Once we spotted the elk, walking down the hill, hearing a bull rip out a couple bugle's then watching 300+ elk mill around. Being able to take my time and make a wonderful shot at 487 yards and drop that elk was a beautiful scene right as the sun was setting. It was a great way to start the year. You can bet we will be back and Denton will be up to bat this time!

If you want to hunt the west, whether Elk, Mule Deer, or Turkeys in Colorado, or Mountain Lions in New Mexico or chasing walleye, Trophy Ridge Outfitters are the ticket! Check them out at the link below.

Trophy Ridge Outfitters LLC

Mile High Note Game Calls





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