Hunt Fish Eat

Colorado #2 Mile High Note Game Calls

January 31, 2021 Daniel Holder Season 1 Episode 21
Hunt Fish Eat
Colorado #2 Mile High Note Game Calls
Show Notes

What a heck of a night. The second night in Colorado we went over to Thoms Diesing's house and sat down with a bunch of guys to discuss elk hunting.

Thomas is a world champion elk caller. Thomas and his Dad run Mile High Note Game calls. They make elk and turkey calls. Both of them offer lessons in addition to their calls for those wanting to learn how to be successful in the field.

Make sure you have a note pad during this episode as you will get a free lesson from Thomas Diesing. Denton (D-Money) along with Bruce of Trophy Ridge Outfitters LLC were along for the ride and we had a ball of a time.

We covered protips like carrying a bottle of doe urine in your pack and allowing it to slowly leak out so you mask your scent to stories about mountain lion encounters in the dark timber.

Make sure you go check out Mile High Note game calls and Trophy Ridge Outfitters LLC for your western hunting adventures.

As always we have a good time and stay lighthearted!
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Mile High Note Game Calls





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