Hunt Fish Eat

Guns & Cornbread with Larry "Laredo" Case

January 17, 2021 Daniel Holder Season 1 Episode 19
Hunt Fish Eat
Guns & Cornbread with Larry "Laredo" Case
Show Notes

Tonight I sat down with my buddy the Writer Larry Case. Larry was a Game Warden with the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources for a number of years and has a wealth of information about hunting and the outdoors.

Larry has a unique way of sharing really good and technical information mixed with a down home feel. He is a wealth of information but is very approachable. Having spent a majority of his life in the Appalachians in various roles makes it a joy to sit down in hunting camp with Larry.

Larry was nice enough to invite me out to join him at his huntcamp just east of the eastern continental divide. This is the first evening after I arrived and we just started chatting about hunting! In the coming days I will be knocking around the woods chasing Squirrels, Raccoons, and Black Bears with Larry.

If you have a chance please go and check out Guns & Cornbread on Facebook, instagram, and his website

Now, no one tell Larry I said all these nice things about him his head is already big enough!





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