Hunt Fish Eat

Being prepared to hunt the west & Hecla Dakota Hunting Farms

January 07, 2021 Daniel Holder Season 1 Episode 18
Hunt Fish Eat
Being prepared to hunt the west & Hecla Dakota Hunting Farms
Show Notes

Tonight is a two part episode.

Part #1 Bruce Boroski of Trophy Ridge Outfitters joined me in Hecla South Dakota to hunt Pheasants for a couple days. We talk about getting ready to hunt the west and some hot tips and tricks for hunting.

Bruce is one half of Trophy Ridge outfitters and they do an absolutely excellent job. If you want to hunt in Colorado make sure to check them out!

Bruce is cooler than the other side of the pillow and you will be hearing from him quite a bit in the coming weeks. He is also the a Regional Director for the National Wild Turkey Federation and covers Nebraska & Colorado.

Part #2 is with my good friends Jake & Shelley Ruenz of Ruenz Roost. Jake & Shelley also run Hecla Dakota Hunting Farms and they do an excellent job! If you are looking to hunt in South Dakota you can't find a better place! If you don't have a huge group Jake and Shelley have a smaller lodge that has 5 rooms and sleeps up to 11 people. If you want to come and do a little DIY or fully guided Jake and Shelley can completely take care of you! Make sure to check them out if you want to hunt in the Dakotas.

Trophy Ridge Outfitters LLC
Ruenz Roost
Hecla Dakota Hunting Farms





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