Hunt Fish Eat

West Virginia Squirrel Doggin the day away.

December 21, 2020 Daniel Holder Season 1 Episode 16
Hunt Fish Eat
West Virginia Squirrel Doggin the day away.
Show Notes

Sit down and listen to this episode with my buddies Ronnie Snedegar & Larry "Laredo" Case.

I spent the day chasing bushy tails over Ronnie's world champion dogs. Larry's Kerr dog got involved as well and helped us out! We talked about how to train squirrel dogs, what is a squirrel dog and why squirrel hunting is so important.

We as a hunting/shooting community have an obligation to grow the sport now more than ever. Hunting squirrels is very approachable and probably one of the most widespread hunting opportunities in the nation. Hunting squirrels is a heck of a lot of fun as well and a great way to introduce kids to the sport. Ronnie and Larry were gracious enough to host me in their home woods of West Virginia to chase squirrels. This evening right before we recorded this we were able to chase some raccoons as well.

If you haven't hunted squirrels, you should and if you do hunt squirrels make sure to take a new hunter with you next time!

It was a great day. Make sure to check out the links below.

If you want to read more of Larry's writings make sure to check out his website at:




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