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Matt Baum- Heavy Arrow set-up. Dr. Ed Ashby 12 Factors of Penetration

September 27, 2020 Daniel Holder Season 1 Episode 5
Hunt Fish Eat
Matt Baum- Heavy Arrow set-up. Dr. Ed Ashby 12 Factors of Penetration
Show Notes

Tonight I sat down with Matt Baum of the Lethal Podcast and the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation (ABF). We talked about Heavy Arrows. We used terms like "Shaft" & "Penetration" and didn't even giggle. Although Matt did cough a couple times, he probably doesn't have "The Rona" and Bigfoot makes thuds in the woods not cracks.

A lot of guys are shooting arrows that weigh about 300-350 grains with an expandable broadhead. That is the general lighter arrow weight. We discuss in this episode the benefit's of going with a heavier arrow setup with a cut on contact broadhead.

Our goal as hunters is to be as ethical as possible when hunting. Simply put, the better penetration you have when shooting an animal, the higher chance you have of recovering that animal. If you can put two holes in an animal (Pass Through shot) you have a much higher chance of killing and recovering that animal than if you put one in that animal.

A couple of the 12 factors of penetration that are really important are:
- Structural Integrity, the arrow needs to not break or have any weakness in it.
- Perfect Arrow Flight- Arrow needs to fly straight and recover quickly out of the bow
- Arrow's FOC(Front of Center) having a 15-20% FOC will increase the chances of penetration.
- Arrow Mass, having a higher total mass of weight increases penetration
- Fixed blade broadhead- it takes less force for a cut on contact broadhead to penetrate than a mechanical.

All these factors will help maintain momentum and increase penetration.

Enjoy and feel free to send along your hate and feedback! I know people are really passionate about this subject.

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